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    Default Real or Fake Yonex NanoSpeed 9000 Type-X

    Hi, I recently purchased a Yonex NanoSpeed9000 Type-X from Everyday Badminton Club and I was wondering if it was real or fake.

    Here's some info:

    3U, G4

    8636484 140794CD

    I was just a bit worried because I've noticed that the serial was either engraved or printed in white?

    Thanks for the help. I know they say they are a legit Yonex dealer but who knows.


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    Default hi

    sorry mate i thnk its fake base on the cone code (140794CD) 14/july/2009
    ns9000x is a dscontinued racket u wont get this racket dated 2009..i could be wrong though let just wait for the other members to really verify it.

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