Exciting matches in the SF of the Open Division as the top-seed Tony Gunawan/Mohd Ulinnuha lost in 3 thrilling-sets 19-21, 21-15, 21-23 to Luluk Hadiyanto/Ronald Susilo. The other half pitted Andrei Adistia/Rendra Wijaya against Didit Juang/Seiko Wahyu and Andrei/Rendra won in 3-tight sets too 21-17, 19-21, 25-23

In BD U-19, it's an all-Djarum Final as expected with:
Edi Subaktiar/Felix Kinansal [5/8] vs Praveen Jordan/Rangga Yave Rianto [2].

In BD U-16, the rising Djarum pair Kevin Sanjaya/Arya Maulana [3/4] also progress to the Final and they will face the top-seed Fikri Ikhsandi/Rico Hamdani [1], which is also the expected Final between the top 2 U-16 BD pairs in INA at the moment.