If you have not managed to see the top players perform at an event, make sure you do!

Managed to get up to the semi finals in Manchester last weekend, and it was an excellent experience. Watched some terrific games and the atmosphere was great. Indeed the crowd were enjoying all the matches and supporting all the players.

The semi between Peter Gade and Marc Zwiebler was tremendous. Mark took the first and was throwing himself on the ground all over the place to stay in the game. Indeed the most amazing thing for me was the court coverage from everyone. I'm sure they're smaller than the ones I play on! I felt Raj might have taken his match; Heather Olver was very good.

Great shame about Nathan and Jenny though. Their comeback in the second game was tremendous but in the third it seemed Jenny wasn't quite getting the interceptions she did in the second and the pressure seemed to be getting to them. Their opponents were also exceptional...

As I said earlier, seeing the players in real life is a pilgrimage every player should make. I was inspired to play more and improve.