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    Default training for double vs single

    Hi Jonas!

    I read your interview on your fansite, and got qurios when you adviced players to choose at an early stage weather to specialize on doubles or singles due to the different types of training needed...

    What are the main differenses, training-wise, between singles and doubles, in general?


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    Default Differences between singles and doubles

    Hi Glide3dfx!!

    The footwork in doubles is very different from the way you move in singles. Quick explosive power is needed in doubles contra singles where itīs very important have a good stamina in order to withstain the long ralleys.

    Therefore, doubleplayers need to train explosive footwork and singles need to practise larger steps in thier footwork.

    In doubles there is more smashes than singles and therefore smashes have a high priority in doubles.

    Also a double consists of two persons and thats why teamwork is a big factor to train. In singles itīs yourself and your own thoughts you train.

    Kind Regards


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