Hi guys,

My name is Peter, I am not a pure badminton player myself (I play and coach volleyball and then do a bit of squash, tennis and badminton) but I think this might be of interest to all of you.

I and a friend at the Glasgow Uni, UK have just launched a new web application called Sportmeets which is designed to help people get their sports group or team organized and also find suitable groups and players in their town or location. For one-on-one sports you can find and challenge players of the skill level you prefer as well as create ladder competitions. This should help people that live in one place but dont know about other badminton or squash players around get together for games easier. The link is http://sportmeets.com/?ac=blgh

It would be great to get your badminton-specific feedback on the Sportmeets website as each sport is a bit different of course and there might be things our volleybal/football minds did not think about!

Please share your thoughts right here in the forum! (@admin: please feel free to move this post to a more appropriate section, I just thought this one would fit the best)

Cheers everyone and thanks for your time!