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    Default So...time to get a new racquet. Opinions please!

    So my current racquet is the antique carbonex 8 sp, strung 23 nb95. I play quite well with that racquet, relatively easy to generate power but a bit sluggish since it's rather heavy so i'm rather slow with it. But when i hit, i really like the feeling, especially with the string.

    I also use one of em calton max power racquets, they are really light but even with a nb95 string, it's difficult for me to generate any power from it. Although my play speed is ultra fast, better reflexes etc.

    i also used a calton stiff racquet with bg65ti 24lbs, don't like it very much. So i think i generally don't like stiff shafts.

    Also came across musclepower 7 bg65ti 23lbs. not impressed with it, feels heavy, stiff and not a pleasant feeling at all.

    my budget is around 50 UK pounds.

    I tried out nanospeed 200 at a demo once, didn't play with it but i think i would like it. Has the right amount of shaft flex and not too heavy. Prob quite a all round racquet.

    Alternatively i'm looking at ashway superlight 79sq, according to the forum, it's ultralight but somehow maintains decent hitting power. However i'm concerned about it since i tend to hit the floor every now and then. Clashing hasn't happened often enough for me to worry about it yet.

    I'll try to describe my playing style here. I love smashing, i like brute force. Not much of a control player but i need speed to defend properly, something that the carbonex 8 lacked for me and the very light carlton had. Unfortunately i had significant trouble generating power using the carlton.

    Hope this answers any queries you guys have in helping me select my next racquet.

    PS: my old racquet has become N/A so this will be my only racquet.

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    Add 20 pound and have a look for Panda power rackets.. they are they best bang for buck, i kid you not...

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    Based on specs alone for the criteria attacking, < stiff, 50GBP : ZELM Trixon 8 is an option
    Sold out over there I see but you can take a look in the buy & sell section. Seem to remember a few for sale in the UK. Balance probably quite different from Nanospeed 200 I'd imagine though.

    And this should probably be in the other section .
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