Hey Guys,

Need about 5-6 players who are free to willing play everyweek...right now we only have a few players, not enough for a 2 hour game.....Our skill Level is just Beginner to Average....Good players is also welcome to join....our intention is just to have a nice sweat out...i know the timing is a bit awkward, but trust me, it so much more cooler to play during that hour....

Guest players would be charged RM 8 person while monthly basis would be RM 20 including shuttles....

Date: May20th 2010
time: 10pm-12
Venue: Damansara Community Centre

01. -empty slot-
02. -empty slot-
03. -empty slot-
04. -empty slot-
05. -empty slot-

please call me for details DEV - 0123172056....hope to hear from everyone