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    Default An article about Candra Wijaya

    hello JR

    Recently I saw an article about Wijaya

    In this interview he metionned his opinion about MD.

    Do you agree his opinion or you have different viewpoint?


    You've played top-level badminton for a decade and a half. What changes do you observe in doubles?

    Right now, it's more about strategy and technique rather than the physical element. In the 15x3 points system it was more physically intense. Over the next five years, I think it will remain more or less the way it is. The 21x3 points system gives everybody a chance.


    You've played with a few partners over the years. How do you manage to adjust?

    Maybe it's because my communication is good... you need to learn to share, because everybody is different. It's about building relationships. For me, doubles is more interesting because you have to find a balance with your partner, you must care for each other, and communication is important. And while you work together you must beat your opponent also. It's like a science, but it's also an art.

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    Despite seeing Markis Kido flatted out in the TC cup final. I would agree with Chandra that at the highest level strategy and tech is the key. He's spot on "It's like a science, but it's also an art".

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