Allright, here it comes. I (and probably a few hundred thousand others) want to know what are the actual differences between Yonex's nylon shuttlecocks.

Mavis 300
Mavis 2000
Mavis 350
Mavis 370
Mavis 500

I know the main goal is to create a shuttlecock as similar as possible as a feather one in terms of trajectory - as you ascend the different qualities (which I, above, sorted out as in Yonex's website, I think). Is there something else? Are they in good order? What does the Mavis 2000 has that makes it bear a 4th number? I know its shape is really different, but what does it brings to the player? I for one use those and love them. When you clear them, they seem to drop more abruptly at the end of their ascension, which is nice because you can clear really high and deep and it will be less likely to go off limits..

Anyways, anybody has some guidelines about those shuttlecocks? Yonex doesnt indicates anything on their website, and it pisses me off. So, anything?