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    Default The cheapest feather shuttle - HiQua Team

    So far, I think HiQua Team is the cheapest feather bird I can find in US market. $14 for 2 dozen. At first, I thought it must be really really crappy, like 2 hits will be done. but the price really attracted me, and I just bought 2 dozen to try it out.

    Tried feather bird last friday (in Boston). Overall, not too bad for such a cheap price We generally used this as practice and warmup. A fairly good one (been used by others for a few shots before) can last a warm up section which was about 15 min (drop, drive, clear, but no hard smash).

    I don't think it will survive for long for competitive games, however, pretty good choices for drill, warmup and social games (the ones with beginner friends).

    So, I guess I can now order a few more, just for warm ups and non seriously games in club. Just don't want to waste my Aeroplane ones in warm up drills.

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    There a cheaper one before, but I never bought it. 24 for RM 11.90! I think it'll be very very lousy. The Stone brand, I believe.

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