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    Default cheers everybody

    hello fellow badminton-crazy boys and girls,

    let me introduce myself: I live in Belgium and I used to play badminton when I was younger (I'm 25 now). After I quit playing when I was 16, I restarted my 'second badminton carreer' as from January this year.

    I used to play at a high level during my youth (national level). As a result, my level improved very fast since January and I will return into competition in September 2010 (I'm already looking forward to it).

    I often read the comments on this forum because I'm currently suffering from a bicep tendonitis which sometimes makes it difficult to play at full power.

    Today, I have finally decided to register so that I can also give comments.

    See you,

    Superspeler (which means superplayer in Dutch)

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    Default ^^Welcome..^^ BCDF, superspeler!...9 yrs hiatus from the sport is not too bad; good thing also you restarted your "second badminton career" again while still in your 20s..
    Good luck in your upcoming competition & visit us often!

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