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    ok i just asked another fellow for directions and we looked at a map and he says take no. 5 exit from nakseongdae stn and turn right after 2 blocks. So i guess I'll see you tonight.

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    For those who are looking for a place to play badminton near:

    1. SNU
    2. Gwanak-gu

    You are welcome to come to play at the SNU university club!

    We play Tue/Thu(7pm-10pm) and Sat(3pm-7pm)

    It is located in Gwanak middle school

    The quickest way to come is to come out of exit#5 of Nakseongdae station(line 2)

    and walk straight until you come across a crossroad(u will see a police station on the diagonal direction, and a church on the left)

    After u come across the crossroad, turn right(u will see a CVS(family mart) on your way) and go straight and straight.

    You will eventually see your destination on your way.

    Anyone is welcome, but since we have to pay the rent of the gym,

    those who play regularly should pay the fee(about 20000won per month)

    Most of us who play here are university students

    and have well-playing players as well as beginners,

    so I would like to say that

    Everyone is welcome! Come join Us!

    P.S. If you any questions, please text me(010-7510-0303, 정재영, (Jae Young Jung or James Jung))

    I might not be able to get your phone calls so please text me rather than calling me

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