Hiii Experts,

Am a new member to this forum and would like few things to be clarified..

I would say my level is beginner to intermediate.I play defense more than offense with less smashes and more drop shots. I find hard to pick the shuttle if someone smashes.

I was using CS 309 , a basic model many would not have heard of and now replaced it with a new one which is MP 22. I got the strings strung along with the model and its white in color. Can i continue with the same strings or do i need to change the strings as mentioned in some of the threads. If I need to change, what would you suggest and also what should be the tension of the strings. The standard for my model is 2U(18-23 LBS). Can I go more than the permissible limit. Also please tell me about the advantages I get by going for more tensioned one.

Aside- Please tell me what should I do to for my wrist pain and sometmes in my elbow.. I get the pain whenever I had played the smashes. Could this be rectified by exercies for wrist and elbow, or any specific exercises there to avoid this pain.

Can I play badminton wearing normal sports shoes..Will that have any impact to my legs. As Iam bit heavy, I find more comfortable playing with normal sports shoes than with the standard badminton shoes.

Kindly clarify my doubts.

Thanks in advance,