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    How about we say if you had everything perfect: shoes, racket, shuttle, hall, clothes which of those could you then not do without. For me out of:

    Racket: ARC100
    Shuttle: Yang Yang 300B
    Shoes: Prince Indoor Court
    Clothes: Adidas Clima 365

    Out of those i could not do without the Yang Yang 300B. I can play as well with other rackets and in other clothes and shoes but its important to have a good shuttle. I can hit the same shuttle as well with different rackets but not hit no point in having a great racket if the shuttle flys poorly and falls apart.

    Its hard to look at this as the worst equipment because no one thing is going to make it that much better.

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    +1 Shoes
    good players can play well with using mediocre racquet
    but without a good pair of shoes, it'll affect the player's time/space...not to mention the footwork and power generated from the lower body.

    and some portion of the budget for some lessons to develop better technique is also often overlooked.

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