it's just my observation but there hasn't been any significant improvement by the second rate doubles pairs in the last few years!

to me, Ha TK & Kim DM and Chandra & Sigit fight it out for 1st and 2nd place while 3rd seems to be sole property of Lee DS Yoo YS.

the pretenders to the top mens doubles have failed to live up to expectation... so far.

the chineese pairs aren't getting any where, danish doubles dispite thier much publicised split of their top 4 pairs dont' seems to have improved while Chan CM Chew CE and Lee WW Cheong TF are still not up to the mark.

seems to me that with the exception of tony gunawan) these pairs have been at the top in the world (though maybe not atop the rankings) for the past 4 years. is there no new exciting talent in sight?