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First thing you should do is actually test the shuttle to make sure it is fast. Here in Taiwan and when I played in Vancouver I was always amazed at how slow the shuttles were. I remember on a few occassions someone would insist on playing with proper speed shuttles and nobody could cope with the fact that you actually had to use some control to keep from blasting the shuttles past the back line during play at the net. In fact they would complain bitterly about the speed of the shuttles. Not surprising I guess, it would kind of be like learning to play soccer with a beach ball in some remote country and then moving to Europe and finding out you don't know how to play.

pBm Malaysia, sorry if I've misattributed this to you but it's not a mind game.... It's cheating. Now if you're doing it in the spirit of fun or just goofing around then that's fine but then you're not really playing badminton are you?
the mind games refer to rslvictorsotx post, please read carefully, there are more post in front

its more a dirty trick then cheating but nobody minds if you call it cheating.

so whether its cheating or dirty tricks,

do you still think if one side uses this trick, the other is still having fun?

player cheats to win and that winning for them i am sure is fun!

but of course those losers or any losers even if not cheated

i am sure they are not having fun

yet its still a game of baddy everywhere!