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Thread: Ghost Members

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    Originally posted by Yodums
    Sigh! LOL
    well wut I meant was i dun get the point of that thread... btw... this thread is looking more and more like that one @@"

    would one of the moderators do the honors of deleting the posts in this thread that are of no relevece of the topic? thx!

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    Originally posted by bigredlemon
    I think it's actually a good thing that not everyone posts all the time. A lot of forums that get overcrowded lose the "community" feel to it. If you look at usenet, most of those groups use to be like a tight-knit 'family' until it became oversaturated. Now it just contains random off topic posts by people stopping by without bothering to check back ever again. And spam--lots of spam.

    I think the balance we acheived here is just fine. Also, just because people don't post doesn't necessarily mean they aren't 'active' members who like to read what we post. I used to be a member here a long long time ago (maybe 2-3 years or more?) but never posted. I have no idea what my account name back then was actually since my computer fried so I lost all my bookmarks. People tend to lurk for awhile before they start posting. When I signed up this time around, I didn't really post either until much later. Now I post too much and give Kwun headaches
    BRL your contribution are always very thoughtful and educated. you will be one of the last few who'd give us any headaches...

    and yet again, i agree with what you said above. there are many more lurkers than posters and that's normal. we won't force anybody to post, nor will we kick anybody out for it. BF is holding very well as a community.

    again, i prefer quality to quantity. at the beginning of BF, there were may be 20 of us and it was just as fine a place. of course, quality in quantity is always welcomed. but i would hate to see BF become a place in which only random chats and laughters exists and no serious and thoughtful discussions on badminton.

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