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    Default Shoulder Dislocation and Ligament Tear

    I was an intra state player when the injury happened, in 2003. I was only 16 then, and didn't have a proper coach to tell me, what i should be doing. My shoulder popped out while executing an overhead smash. I myself put it back, within minutes, but i withdrew from that tourney. The pain was there for couple of weeks, and whenever i even tried to wear a T-shirt, i could feel my shoulder ready to pop out. But my mistake was, i ignored it. It became a recurrent problem. Once when i couldn't set it right by myself, i needed a physio's help and underwent therapy for 5 months. But even after that, when i started playing again, the problem started occuring again, and i continued without any treatment. In all, i have dislocated my shoulder, 37 times, and only for five times have i needed Dr's help to set it right. Finally, after MRI scans revealed that, my ligament has loosened and a small portion of my shoulder joint has corroded away because of the strain. And then, i was asked to undergo surgery, and i've three screws inserted, to restrict the movement.

    Now, my question is this, with this restricted movement, (may be 10-15 degrees restriction when compared to my other shoulder) how can i improve my stroke making abilities? I no longer have the dislocation problem. I am playing in the corporate circles, inter/intra company tourneys. I was good at deceptive shots during my professional days, and now with practice they can be brought back into my arsenal. But how can i improve my other regular strokes? Any good suggestion will be helpful.

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    These are the kinds of injuries that will keep you out of the game. Make sure you do a regular conditioning element to keep your muscles loose and flexible

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