Have you ever experience being the weakest in the group you were playing in? Being one that has being look down by many due to poor badminton skills? Casted aside when playing outside in your own group? I have experience all these before and now, after many different coaches training, i have overcome these problem. So can you!

Many people have being constantly trying to improve themselves so that they could enjoy a longer, and better game. Today, you are given this chance to also improve yourself. Training provided by coaches are normally expensive or training are too tiring. It is true that tiring training help to improve yourself. However, it takes time. SO we are here to help you! We provide training that is efficient and would try to meet the needs of your badminton journey.

The training would take place once a week, two hours. Each group training would cost you 20 dollars (exclusive of courts). You could suggest to have group training twice a week too! If you would want two group training session a week, i would charge you 15 dollars per training session (exclusive of courts). Group training must consist of at least 3 person and maximum of 5 person. We keep the group small to enhance your training ability. One to one training is based on case basis.

We really hope to help your improve your training ability, help you out of your problem and able to fight on a equal level with your group player. Should you have any inquire please call me or message me at 92950480. Thank you