Hey, I'm new to badmintoncentral, and badminton in general. I've been doing some research on raquets and it seems like many people enjoy Victor rackets as a cheap alternative to higher end Yonex. I can find lots of threads about people talking about the Victor Artery Tec Ti 95/98/99, but there seems to be NONE at all about the 100 and the 101. I even checked victor's north american and chinese website and it doesn't even list it on the product page???


Has anyone used this racket? I am under the impression that perhaps it isn't called a Ti 100 in asia, and perhaps they only released it under this name in the US? Could it be a rebranded TI-99 in a lighter weight? Any light you guys could shed on the issue would be a huge help. I ordered one of these yesterday on an impulse but its a little unsettling that I can't even find any information or specs on its existance on this forum or the official Victor website.