Our club always ran badminton for 12 year old upwards but are now going to try get some younger groups started. We are relatively inexperienced coaches.
We have a good group of entusiastic kids and I suppose it is the ideal time to coach them correctly.
They are total beginners and of course some are picking the game up quicker than others.

We started out firstly with these skills (just finished 2nd weekly session )
1. Grip
2. Pronation and supination hitting action while hitting a shuttle or balloon straight up into the air, forehand & backhand.
3. Hand feeding from centre court to tramlines to practice easy control of underhand hitting action.
4. A small bit of side movement fun tag style game.
5. Players that are able, keeping a rally going (underhand) across the width of the court, tramline to tramline.

What we are looking to learn now are the next 5 to 10 steps of what to coach these kids.
We are really conscious of showing them probably while still encouraging them and insuring they enjoy the sessions.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.