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    Default The Forehand From The Backhand Side Clear??? Help Tactics, Situation, or Improvement

    The Forehand From The Backhand Side Clear???

    Basiclly tell you from the title, like how do you guys clear a steep clear to your forehand while bending your back like crazy to your backhand side, how are we suppose to do a clear?, like i like to do my backhand clear but im just talking about that situation with the forehand ( like how I was in the tourny today ).

    Would you say to improve my forehand, improve sharp drops, do backhand instead (low possiblity cause i rather learn how to do this ), or be faster.

    If anyone would tell me what they would do in that situation would help too.



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    These "forehand shots in your backhand rearcourt" are called round-the-head forehands (abbreviated RTH forehands). It's a big topic, but here's a few ideas to get you started:

    • A good RTH forehand is usually better than a backhand.
    • Coaches generally emphasise training RTH forehands more than backhands.
    • No matter how good you are, you will sometimes need a backhand, especially in singles.
    • The better your movement, the easier and more effective RTH forehands become.
    • RTH forehands require good hitting technique, so that you can clear/smash with only a compact swing.

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