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    Default Ongoing injury right ankle..mmm

    Hi all,

    I have this annoying ongoing injury on my right ankle. I once twisted my right foot and graduately had more bother and pain from it (it didn't get swollen like a sprained ankle). I still played competition badminton then. I've had fysiotherapy but to no effect. It is now like 7 years ago I think. Stopped playing for 3 years, the injury was most of the time hardly noticable, but still there. Now i started playing badminton again it is getting worse again.

    The injury seems to be concentrated on the top of my right foot/ankle (the pain is at that spot). So it's just under the skinsurface, but not (deep) inside the ankle joint. Which means when I use a ankle brace with straps, the pressure of the straps is on the painfull spot where the straps cross (I tried a Thuasne medium sportbrace with 2 cross-straps). This is not usable, I 've put on the brace, sock and shoe and after 5 minutes put the brace back in my bag..
    I switched that brace for a lighter type (only a sock, no straps), but still have to try iy out.
    For now I have the feeling a brace isn't going to help me much. Therapy also didn't help.

    I think maybe consulting a specialist sports physician could be the next step. Anyone have experiency with this type of injury?

    My "foot": x marks the (painfull) spot (omg had to edit it 20 times and still looks NOT like my foot )


    greetzz Mario
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