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    Default Upper Intermediate player 8 years ago,now back in the fold

    Hi all

    Adam here, literally just got back in to the sport yesterday after being away for about 8+ years. In pain and found muscles I forgot I had today but forgot how much I enjoyed it.

    Was pretty experienced intermediate approaching expert (for my age) but went to University and it all stopped

    Now I am coming back and feel low level intermediate at best with none of my former stamina or speed so want to turn that around sharpish and get back to my best or better!

    With all the advice and advances now readily available (sites like these weren't about in my day, not with 56k dialup!), I thought I would join BF to get some advice and hopefully impart some too!



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    Default ^^Welcome..^^ BCDF, SmashinAdam (A)!..Good to know you're back playing baddy..
    Visit us often!

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