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    Default Balance (Training vs Playing)

    this is my second post on the topic of whether its more beneficial to play games or work on drills (for the purpose of improving)

    just wondering what everyone thinks is a good balance between time spent playing for points..vs working on skill

    its hard to say because i know ppl that play 3times as much as me but never practice anything and i can still beat them even if i take like a year off

    on the other hand if i play against a better calibre player (one involved in tournaments) i have lost many timesdue to my lack of play (and or tournament) experience

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    experience vs talent

    intresting, as in training drills you can learn everything you need to- the touch,the power, the footwork,the footwork,the footwork,and the footwork. 1-0training

    However in a match i think if you dont know when to do these things then it would be pointless using it.1-1. The experience ting can be taught as a matter of blackboard material, however when playing you may not know when to use them,or indeed combat against differeing styles of play.2-1experience

    in traing you practice hitting strokes when fed perfectly in a match it is different, so you learn the foot work to oplace you in the right position to play the stroke.2-2 training

    In a nutshell you can learn all aspects of play and tactics, i believe at a training camp, but the real test in a tournament is the mental capacity to produce those shots in the order they are required to win a rally.

    If you take the top 10 players each category then i think they could hit virtually the same stokes in training, with the same consistency, but in the tounament that is where they are graded.

    Take hafiz/chen all england final2003, chen arguably the best player in the world takes the game to hafiz 14-10 easy from there,but his mind wandered and he lost 17-14 in the second game he couldnt cope. in other words his mind let him down. He also did that against gopichand in2001.

    Players can benefit from the training in secret then taking the world by storm. Or they can do all the tounaments and learn from there- i believe this can lead to mental scars,memories of earlier poor performances.

    I think mental state can be taught but a certain amount of coolness has to be there already, eg michael bevan in the cricket world cup now- mr cucumber! or kim dong moon now, nver flustered understands the games, this unflusterd nature creates a better standing in tight tounament situations-match points, 6-7 points down.

    kim and ra havent been there in the tournaments recently but what price you think they will be there come the world champs, they didnt do all england due to preparation of wc. kim for men dbl and mix i think. By not being in the tounaments weekly he can clear his mind for one goal ensuring his top performance and easy shot production.or psyche himself out and bomb in the 1st round. shocker.

    decision: 2-2 after extra time mental capacity wins on penalties

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    Training helps one working on his skill weakness, but playing games cannot (or less efficient).
    Playing games helps developing one’s mental strength, which includes how to deal with pressure, how to spot your opponents weakness, how to use variety shots effectively, tactics, etc.

    Depends on your skill level and what you need the most.
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