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Thread: Shin Baek Cheol

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    Even though this is not KSH thread , but he's definitely got potential if he's more aggressive in his outlook. He's just too nice, out of all the KOR MD players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by R20190 View Post
    I see what you’re saying, but I’m of a different opinion… when under pressure, LYD does play a lot of cross-courts defensive shots on both forehand and backhand… in-to-out or not….

    But as you say, mostly he would lift them. I don’t think it’s because he can’t play like SBC, but he might be playing the percentage game, “lifting it” is perhaps the safer shot to play… there's probably an element of psychology involved in this shot as it is frustrating and tiring for the smasher to repeatedly get high lifts back.

    Lee’s weakness is in areas beyond his immediate reach, otherwise defensively, in my book, he is second to none. There are others that are also good in this department, Shin, Endo, Hayakawa to name a few, but being able to get incredible attacking shots back is one thing, having the ability to do it consistently, effortlessly and effectively is another. And for me, LYD has this ability in abundance…
    I would have agreed if I didn't watch SBC's games this year. Especially during WC he was too good, his defense usually forces the opponent to play a difficult shot since he keeps it flat but out of the way from the frontcourt player usually. The fact that SBC/KSH beat YYS/LYD at WC just makes it clear that they have no fear. The commentators bashed KSH so hard that day, but damn did they both shine.

    Also, I think Mark is biased because SBC uses TK9000.

    I think people gave LYD too much credit, he doesn't seem to play as well as he used to.

    Even though SBC/KSH lost this match, this was a great rally

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