Professional Players: Changing of playing style

I thought this could be an interesting topic to discuss.

In a thread, we have this post;

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How about changing of play style?? I dont want to see INA players playing like the way CHN players play. There is no fun in that. Every time i walk into a badminton court i say 70% of the times i can guess correctly if a player is from INA or not by just looking at they way they play. Just like you have that sense indentifying between European and South American football players
And, my reply was;

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True...... When players think they same, they would probably play the same.

IMHO. it's good for coaches to be assigned to different countries. It's a way where Badminton can evolve and can be developed.

Often, we look at the 5 S's of a player;
* Skill
* Style
* Speed
* Stamina
* Strategy
Badminton is known as the fastest racket sport in the world. We can find many 'fast and furious' professional players dominating in this sport.

Let's have a discussion of this topic.