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    Default String Tension Going Down

    I don't know if I am just imagining it, but I recently had my Cab 20 re-strung at 21 lbs. about a month and a half ago and it already feels loose. I do hit very hard and have a very fast swing, so would this cause my tension to go down so quickly? It feels like its only at 18 lbs now. Should I string it at a higher tension to compensate for this drop? Also, off topic but, are tennis grips suitable for a grip?

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    Please do a search, tons of threads talking about "losing tension" for strings.

    Yeah, string will lose tension, especially at the first several weeks, with faster ratio. this also depends on how often u play, how hard ur swing, and what type of string u using. U can do a search, and u will get way more information on related threads than u can think.

    For grip, tennis grip is fine. Most likely, u can trim the extra length, unless u grip it way up to the cone or even shaft.

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