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    Thumbs up Scoring format to be reverted back to traditional format

    At the EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting), the votes was that the decision by the IBF Council was not what was requested at the AGM and so was annulled which means that the scoring format will now revert back to the traditional format of 3x15 for all events except for WS which is 3x11.

    England reserves the right to put forth their proposal of 5x9 system at a later date (meaning that they want to ensure that there will be support for this format before they submit the proposal for consideration).

    The effective date is Apr 15, 2003 so the World Championships should follow this format.

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    Good to see. Can't believe that the IBF made such a blunder at the AGM that the previous decision was annulled!! A good day for badminton

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