Hi just started out badminton training since a decade of non playing. Using my old racket wilson...which i think is obsolete. Onli information stick on the racket is 33/8 n SL 3. which i wonder wat is tat. Anyway.

I'm looking for a cheap light starter racket as im still trying to find the right one before i purchase a good one. I see in sports shop ..for this

1. Muscle Power 3
2. Muscle Power 5
3. Muscle Power 22
4. Muscle Power 800
5. Nano speed (but i didnt take see clearly which nano speed)
6. Carbonex 7000
7. Carbonex 8000 plus
8. Arcssaber UPlus21
9. Li Ning Smash XP60

My arms r weak, my currently rackets still seems slightly heavy. When i try hit a smash, i dun seem to get the engery from my arms.* maybe also my position of jumping or whatever affect too* and is kinda of slow for the speed of the shutter.
Just feel not connected to my rackets and i no strength.

Well anyway, out of those 9. any recommendation? Oh and why i choose those 9 is because thats the one i saw in the shop nearby me.

Thanks Thanks