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    Quote Originally Posted by Racekonijn View Post
    Yes, indeed he plays very good at the WC, and after that we don't see him anymore ... i would know the reason for that. In my opinion ZB is one of the best mix players of the chinese sqaud ... no?
    Probably he is the best, in terms of CHN male XD players. Then Zhang Nan and Tao. Personally I think He Hanbin is overrated, IMO, it was Yu Yang that that made the partnership successful. Yu Yang with any of the three I have mentioned, is a good pairing.

    If I was LYB I would do this for MD, XD and WD considering the Olympics is approaching he will want two strong pairs for each discipline.

    MD: Quite Straightforward

    1.Cai/Fu 2.Zhang/Guo 3.Xu/Chai (it's hard to decide between Zhang/Chai and Zhang/Guo let's see how they get on then decide. whichever way, Zhang Nan should be part of the second partnership.

    WD: Quite Tricky, So much Talent !
    1.Wang/Yu 2.Ma/Zhao 3.Cheng/Du 4.Pan/Tian. (maybe LYB will revert back to this) Yu/Du, Wang/Ma, Cheng/Zhao these worked well. But personally IMO Wang/Yu are literally an unstopable combination in WD.

    XD: Some easy choices here

    1.Zheng/Yu 2.Zhang/Zhao 3.Tao/Ma 4.(wildcard pick) Guo/Wang X (yes I really just did pick this combo)

    If I was LYB, HHB wouldn't be in the frame, or would be maybe paired with Tian or someone like this.

    May aswell do MS and WS as well.

    MS: 1.Lin 2.Chen J 3.Chen L 4.Du 5.Bao 6. Wang

    WS: Wangs ! (there will be slot of CHN WS players who will be very unhappy come OG2012, so much talent that won't play.

    Wangs, Jiang, Li X, Xia the list goes on and on. !

    Feel free to post your own list.

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    Wanglin for WS.

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