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    From all that I have read, Kwun must have thoroughly enjoyed his trip to Eindhoven, dining first with BF member Yong, playing baddy with the latter's "gang" and with mighty Korean Lee at the Sudirman Cup venue itself, all because Janet has the presence of mind to remind Kwun to bring his badminton gear along. What a compatible companion for this historic visit!

    His relentless championing of the Chinese Team until his voice went hoarse. His capturing of the "beauties in baddy garb" with both his watchful eyes and two valuable cameras, evidence of which was also "caught on camera". His meeting face-to-face with star-studded names he only read or saw on TV in the past from time to time. His enjoyment of the exciting proceedings of friends and foes in the badminton arena right up to the Finals which culminated in his beloved China matching up with S. Korea. But alas, in the climax of all climaxes, China should fail him! How ironical life could be at times!

    Kwun was all drained. He is still recovering, I suppose. But memories of this delightful experience will always remain with him and remind him "Badminton is indeed a beautiful game"! Kwun deserves every moment of it, if not for anything else, it is for the hardwork and commitment that he invested in BF so that we can all share in his unselfish happiness!

    May many more little treasures and pleasures await you, Kwun!

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    thank Loh!

    yes, it was a very good trip for me and i thoroughly enjoyed it. i think i would have been very satisfied if i were to be there and just sat down and watch the games. the extra such as meeting friends and players and playing with Kim made the trip much sweeter than i expected it to be.

    janet also enjoyed the trip though she wasn't as into it as i was. i was totally engrossed in the game shouting and cheering my hearts out while i am sure she was re-thinking about the relationship with this badminton maniac.

    a trip like this is something that a badminton fanatic would do, and a badminton fanatic i am! i hope you guys enjoy all the reports that i posted. there are more i have drafted, i will post them while i have catch up with work here.

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