Hey guys, Happy New Year !!

I found that many people nowadays are able to travel overseas to play badminton. So I just wondering if anyone here are interested to play in Malaysia.

I have played various places in Kuala Lumpur region, I think I can help out a little as a guide if you come to Malaysia. You can also watch the videos in my youtube channel to see if the levels are okay for you. Obviously the blue shirt guy is me, and there are still a lot for me to learn.

Recently I play in a club that is associate with Wong Chong Han's company. If you think you are stronger than the players in videos or just simply look for challenges (obviously not me, I am still new) I think I can arrange you to play with WCH's apprentices in the academy.

I will keep updating the videos, and I am looking forward to hear from you guys. Wish you have a good start of 2011