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    Default ppl i met during the trip.

    here is the list of cool badminton people i met during the trip:

    Yong and friends - first european BF member i met. really cool and really cool friends, we went to the local gym and played for a couple of hours. got our butts kicked.

    Raphael - owner of and the official journalist for the IBF. nice and cool guy.

    Jonas Rasmussen - i ran into him before his semi final matches. then we had a little chat afterwards when i ran into him in the hotel. cool guy too.

    Lenny Permana - Australian #1 WS. sat next to her during the DEN/INA semi. pretty cool lady.

    and various Chinese team members that i asked for signatures from. including a couple of legendary players. i will post them when i have them scanned.. didn't talk to them except to ask for signatures with my broken mandarin.

    i wanted to meet the IBF media officer Lindsey Bell, but didn't get the chance to among all the exciting matches.

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    Wow, wish I got the opportunity to meet those people. Did the people you meet have a hard time interpeting you (You only mentioned that the China team did).

    Haha, after talking to Jonas you got to meet him.


    Sounded like you had a good trip man.

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    Such a nice trip for u. I can only say, jealous, jealous, jealous...

    Hmmm... next time, consider help me pay for 30% of my travel $$$, and I can surely help u for the "mandarin missions".

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