It is good to be back home in Singapore. It is also great to be able to play badminton again.

I’ve joined a few of the various groups in the past. Some of them (organizers and regulars) are friendly, and some not so (1 or 2 quite snobbish/arrogant). I would recommend the moderators to include some form of ratings from players. I think badminton should be competitive but since we are all amateurs, it should be fun & friendly foremost. For people new to BadmintonCentral, these ratings will do them good to pick and choose groups according to their preference. The worst is having a player joining a new group and found out that group is not so “suitable” and left being “ostracized”. Unfortunately, there are some bad apples out there.

Moderators – please consider.

Members – if this gets posted and if you want to provide some feedback on the groups, please be encouraged to do so.