This may be a pretty lengthy post, but I'd like to do the best I can to summarize why I am here.

Like most of you who are here, I am not the most knowledgeable in fake vs genuine badminton rackets, and in addition to that, we all want the best bang for our buck!

I just started playing badminton again for a little over 2 months after a 12 year hiatus. My old racket, a Kawasaki Impact 598, has been very good to me these past 2 months but I am looking to buy a new racket online, mostly through Ebay.

Local stores here sell a good, top notch racket for 2-3 hundred CAD (Canadian Dollar), but Ebay rackets - made in china - go for a fraction of that price for the same model and brand and they (Ebay Sellers) call it wholesale.

To me, it's too good to be true, but reading the ebay reviews themselves, some sellers never received any fake racket feedback so it is very hard to rely on reviews alone it seems.

Having said that, if anyone here can offer an avid, returning badminton player some general, rock solid advice on how to buy genuine rackets online, or what to specifically look for - that would be greatly appreciated.

To help narrow the guidance from possible viewers and replies, the rackets I am looking for can be either Yonex, Li Ning or Victor - especially Victor and Li Ning as I have read and also heard many good things about them and I also used to own a Victor racket that I absolutely loved but unfortunately it broke.

I am looking to buy a head heavy, rigid racket for offensive, singles play.

Currently, I am looking at these 3 rackets from these 2 sellers on Ebay.



I know these rackets go for hundreds of dollars but I want to just ask anyways to see if they are indeed wholesale, genuine rackets.

Any feedback is deeply appreciated. I found this website while looking for reliable, online helpers in identifying racket authenticity and although this is my first post on here - it also seems I am finding many other useful resources in other parts of the forum.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.