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    Thumbs up Opinion, Experience and Comparision of RCL shuttlecocks

    I originated from Thailand, and I am studying in USM, Penang.

    I have used many types of the RCL shuttlecocks, since orange, green, red, blue, silver and many of RCL with gold siries. Moreover, Yonex, Victor, RSL and Protech also have tried as well.

    Our group accept the RCL Pearl and Top Grade (speed 76/77) for durability and performance.

    I want to bring some RCL shuttlecocks for my Badminton friends in Thailand to try. Only RSL silver is available there with effortable price (RM48). Unfortunately, it can last only 1-1.5 set.

    I would like to get some opinion and experience with the RCL shuttlecocks:

    1. RCL Top Grade (RM54)
    2. RCL Pearl (RM60)
    3. RCLTitanium Gold (RM52)
    4. RCL No.1 (N/A: rarely use it)

    I also would like to get the comparision with other brands, such as Yonex, RSL as well.

    Thank you so much.

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    i just bought 2 tube rcl mp-1 yesterday, never heard of this model... u have any idea?

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