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Sorry about that Chris I'm not an umpire myself, just a recreational player who tries to understand the rules and apply them with common sense.

After having a second thought I agree that a yellow card might be given after "faulting" the offence 2-3 times. The player obviously shows disrespect to the opponent, umpire and sportsmanship of the game by repeated and deliberate breach of the rules.

I might add that all my answers are based on the presumtion that we are talking about competitions in the "lower" classes. IOW youth classes, local/regional/county leagues and tournaments. I see this level as a "learning ground" and IMO a bit more liberal interpretation should be possible.

If this happened in any of the two highest national series, national tournaments/championships or any kind of international tournament I'd expect the players to be aware of the rules and more strict umpiring should be applied. A fault should be called the first time if it is a "jump start" by reciever. A let should be called if serving when opponent not ready, repeated offence = "fault". If and when to wave any card I can't tell

Yes, in lower tournaments, fewer 'faults' are called.

In recreational/social games, almost all of these types of problems could be called 'lets'.