It is an exciting time for all Badminton players in Markham as we approach the 2015 PANS AM games. The Town of Markham has committed to building a brand new facility to host the 2015 PAN Games for Badminton in Markham.

The plan for the new facility is a 36000 square feet gym that will leave a legacy of 18 to 20 badminton courts for us to utilize after the PAN AM games.

Markham Badminton club is working with Badminton Ontario to form a “Federation of Badminton Clubs” in Markham to call the facility home for all Badminton players around teh Markham area. It is the wish of the Town that this facility will be the “Center Of Excellence for Badminton in Markham”, after PAN AM 2015.

Markham Badminton Club is taking a temporarily lead to bring this “Federation” together until a Board of Directors can be formed by the community clubs to facilitate the use of the new facility.

If you run a badminton club or a badminton enthusiast, and wish to become part of this Federation to define a process to run programs in this new facility, please email us at We will be hosting a meeting for discussion at the end of April, 2011.

If you have any question, you can post it in this forum and I will attempt to answer your question within 3 days.