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    Default Badminton Grip Size Help


    I need some help figuring out my grip size. I have read various articles on the web about how to measure grip size but i dont really understand them, plus they were mainly tennis based.

    I currently have a Wilson K Rival racket and it has a sticker 3U/G3 on the handle. I guess the G3 is the grip size? But how do i know if it is right for me?

    If it is to small do i need to buy a replacement grip or just and overgrip. Will adding a overgrip effect the weight/balance of my racket?

    Also, if i add an overgrip and the decided i dont like it, will the orignal grip underneath be ruined?

    Any help would be much appreciated

    Here are some pics that show me holding the racket which may help?

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    grip type and size are very personal. I prefer a smaller grip where my fingers almost touch my palm but I also hold my racket more with my fingers than you do.

    some like really thick grip and iothers don't, some like really soft grips and some like hard grips, some like ridges, some hate them. this is an area that you really need to experiment in.

    as long as you aren't using grip which has a strip of sticky tape on the back you should be able to get any overgrip off fairly easily. I suggest that you change the grips fairly often as they can lose their performance quickly.

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    first, try to play with an overgrip over the original grip, and then test a grip if it doesnt fit your tastes.

    grip is very personal thing, usually takes a few tests to get the good combo !

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