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    Default Where to get profesional 1 on 1 coaching in GuangZhou?

    This is Driving me CRAZY! I need to find a professional badminton Coach for 1 on 1 coaching. I am a Canadian player in GuangZhou and I want to find a place to get professional coaching a few times a week. and in the summer and weekends fulltime. I came to China a LOSE! I want to LEARN how to play. I have been playing in Random Badminton gyms and beating head coaches and players that play there. I am getting winners on backhand smashes. I need to be losing. I need to be getting profesional coaching and be losing. I lost more in Canada so far. Where are these secret gyms where all the good players are? can someone help me?

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    try the Tianhe Stadium in the afternoons on weekdays

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