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    Default Pain in Leg Calf

    I probably picked a bad sport to play what with all these injuries.

    For almost a month now, I've had pain in my calf. Specifically, the inward facing side about halfway down. When my calves tense up from my full body weight leaning on it, there's a small hard budge that forms. If I do the same to the other un-injured leg, the budge is softer and less noticeable. This pain only occurs when there's significant weight on that leg.

    I get this most when doing a overhead clear or stroke. Usually, you launch yourself upwards with your back leg, but when I bend my knee, the pain starts. After a practice or a game, the pain is significantly worse. Rest usually stops it, but comes back the next time I play. It also hurts when I lunge forward, not as much as the clears, but still there.

    It's been almost a month, and I have no idea what or why it's occurring. I'm going to see my family physician in a few days since it has gotten pretty out of hand, but I want your opinions.

    Could it be caused by doing overhead clears too much? Bad technique in landing or lifting? Or my calves are just too tense?

    I have never been injured before in my legs.

    For clarification, I was taught that most overhead strokes should be non-racquet foot forward and perpendicular to the net, racquet foot behind and parallel to the net, body perpendicular to the net and feet about 1.5-2 shoulder widths apart. The racquet leg bends then springs forward (at which point the pain begins) while the non-racquet foot lifts up, and the feet switch places in the air, landing non-racquet foot first (where the racquet foot was initially), so the momentum carries you forward. Not sure how clear that is.

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    Good description on the clear... I can't see anything wrong with the way you described that - if it's working for you, stick to it. It likely isn't the cause of your injuries.

    The "small hard buldge" that forms when you tense your calf muscle sounds like a torn muscle. Without seeing it I can't tell you for sure; this diagnosis is based more on the type and timing of the pain you described, and not the bulge.

    I'd be interested to see what your physician said... I am to conclude that you've already seen him/her based on your quote "in a few days", posted over two weeks ago. :P

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