Hi Hougang Zone 1 Youth Players!!!!!=
(players from 10 - 36 years old, male and female)

Yes, yes...YOU, need to set up a interest group for players living in zone 1, hougang.
Those who lives nearby Zone 1 or Hougang can also participate but the PRIORITY is for those who are currently living in Zone 1.= SOrry yah.....

Free...only need to bring your own racquets/shoes/gears, for those who are in needs of racquets, you can loan from the RC/resident committee/me.

I had just kicked start with a booking next Sunday at 10am-12noon, 24 April 2011, court 9.

Pls drop an email to me, so that I could gauge nos of attendees to this 1st kick off badminton interest group for Hougang RC Zone 1= (community service, for our residents)
Feel free to drop me an email, if you are interested.....

Would book for more courts or frequently, once the nos of players are confirmed or regular.

Thank you, looking forwards to see you all......
Badminton skills are not important, since this is only the 1st kick off for a start!