Hi, I'm currently student/player of a young age at 17, and am looking for coaching opportunities in Singapore, mainly in the West area. I choose to do coaching because of the commitment i put into badminton on a daily basis, aiming to be a top national athlete to represent Singapore. I prefer to coach beginners because as i only do part time coaching, and i believe proper basics, such as footwork training is important for players' as they start out from young as kids. I also wish to instill the right attitude and values and bring them to my trainees, along with imparting badminton skills. I have experiences with as an assistant coach helping out several coaches as well, which also helped in my decision in coaching mainly kids because most of the classes i have taken are of trainees of ages 7-13.My charges are mainly from $30 per hour, excluding court fee. Coaching venues would preferably be in the West.For further enquires, feel free to sent me an SMS or call me at 97733488, you can also address me as Tay.