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    Default Is there a crack in my racket?

    Hi there,

    I just noticed this on a recently purchased racket of mine and would like a second opinion on the nature of this flaw that i see.

    The racket is new and the strings are from factory and i have yet to string it. I noticed the line after a light clash from a doubles game and i am worried that my racket my be cracked... If so would it be possible for me to claim a warranty?

    I am unsure whether this is just the paint or frame damage. I should add that when i i run my finger over the line i do not feel any friction/roughness, but i am unsettled when i look at it. I want to be able to fix or find a solution before things get worse.

    I have attached a picture, please take a look and let me know what you think. It is under the "H" by the grommet.

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    Send the pictures to the manufacturer and see if they will warranty it. Better safe than sorry. Plus, even if they say no, at least you've started the process and can prove you noticed the issue during the warranty period in case it cracks at a later point.

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