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    Default Whose the best Single player?

    for women and men's division whose the best single player when it comes to stamina, techniques, power and skill?

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    I would say lee chong wei for the men's division. He has proved himself already as being the best in singles. He commits very little errors, and is great in defense. He possesses great speed and agility which makes him so hard to beat now a days. He also shows good sportsmanship in court.

    Although people would keep bringing up of how Lin Dan owned LCW in the past, the truth hurts because past is past. LD has tried several times to regain his spot but it's clear that LCW is the new best. Studies have shown of how left handed people are excel more in sports due to an advantage in their brain activity. The right handed LCW however managed to exceed such advantage of the left handed LD.

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