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    Post Wise 2086 Gripper

    Name:  wise_gripper.jpg
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Size:  43.7 KBHas anyone using the Wise 2086 tensioner noticed damage to the gripper plate(s) as received from the supplier, and if yes what did you do about it?
    I just received mine direct from H. and when I dismantled the gripper for cleaning (the inner gripping surfaces were quite dirty as received), I noticed some dents and dings on one of the gripper plates. I'm concerned that these imperfections in the gripping surface will damage the string coating (as they project above the gripping plane), especially when stringing at high tension (>24 lbs) with thin string (< 0.66mm). The dents are small and are hard to see with the naked eye, however they are very obvious using 10X magnification. The dents are in close proximity to the 2 pins that are inserted into the plate, so I'm thinking they may be occuring when the pins are inserted at the factory.

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    Doh! Although I can't blame you for taking it apart, you probably shouldn't have. "If its not broken, don't fix it" As far as I can see there isnt any significant noticeable damage that would damage your string. I wouldn't worry about dents, but I would be worried if there are any sharp-edged imperfections. To be honest, I stick a business card in my gripper, as it has a hard time gripping the .66 string well. I have also stuck a small piece of masking tape, and electrical tape in there to make the gripper thicker. Best advice I can give you is string up a racket and go hit with it. If there are problems, then tell Herb, if not then you're golden. Good luck.

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    are you serious?

    even after looking at the photos closely, i cannot see any dents.

    it is like looking into your new shoes and wonder why the shoes soles have scratches on it.

    i totally would not spend any energy worrying about it. if anything, make sure you use the diablo which helps ease any damage to the string through gripping.

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