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    Default Lingering pain on my right shoulder and looking for a great shinseh here in SG

    I have been having occasional pain in my right shoulder for quite sometimes now. The best advise is always to rest my arm/shoulder for length of time, but being a fan, i can not let myself absent from badminton for long. I am looking for a great shinseh out here in sg that can at least treated this reoccurring pain after a game. Pain usually subsided after 2 days, but it bothers me having this pain nonetheless. The usual treatment i mostly received when pointed to a shinseh is the usual cupping, the same set of messages and pricking needle (acupuncture), and am getting rather jaded. So if you have any championed shinseh/chiropractor out there, do share with me/us sufferer of badminton love bites. Thanks
    (FYI, i have been to batam (indonesia) and have this message that involve a lot of stretching to my arm, and it does feel good for sometimes, but going there every weekend is out of question).

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    Hi bulutangkis

    Why don't you try out this physiotherapist at Alliance Sport? Her name is Linda Kwek, she treated Ronald Susilo, Sinta and some other Singapore Badminton athlete before. You can check out the info at

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