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    Default Maximum crowd size at a badminton event

    Just how large can we get for a badminton audience?

    My question is prompted by the 2011 Indonesian Open.

    Krisna said the Istora stadium would be upgraded in seating numbers in the future.

    However, on TV, I saw that the upper corners of the stadium had some empty bits.

    That makes me wonder if the upper limit of the crowd would be about 10,000. Basically, it's limited because at the further distance, it becomes really difficult to see what goes on court.

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    I am not sure on the size, but I think the NIA is about Ideal. I have sat in the back of the upper sections & at the sides & it is watchable, but only just.

    Layout is also important - a bad layout will reduce the useful capacity, whereas in a good layout you could get more people.

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