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    Default Vancouver BC - looking to join an existing badminton group.

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to this forum. Would like to know if anyone has a badminton group that I could join and play preferably on Friday evenings or Saturday afternoon/evenings. I mainly play double. I would consider myself a skilled intermediate or borderline advanced player (mainly consistency issue). Trying to practice and play more often to be consistent.

    Thanks for all the help! Look forward to playing.


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    Sorry but the times don't match up for me.

    There was a girl named Fiona and a guy named Toby (in their early 20s) that invited me and my friend to join their group. They play at ClearOne Leslie on Thursday 6-9pm. We would join them but again times do not match. Although I haven't seen them lately on Thursday.

    Maybe you should just show up on the courts when you are available to play and look for an odd man group (ie. 5 people) and ask if you can join their group? Remember to bring your own feathers/plastics and pay them (probably $10/hr...don't know the going rate) too.

    There is a thread in this forum for Sunday night 8pm if your available.
    Here's the link...

    Good Luck

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